Jewish Democrats join anti-Israel groups to protest Israeli gov’t, disrupt Israel Bonds event

Jewish Dems are joining pro-terrorist and anti-Israel groups in a protest that will undermine Israeli bond sales.

By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine

The Jewish Democratic Council of America is strangely showing its support for Israel by joining protests outside the Israel Bonds conference in Washington Sunday evening, where Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is a guest speaker.

After staging a virtual event about democratic judicial reform consisting entirely of opponents of the Israeli governments plan for judicial reform, the JDCA or ‘Jewish Dems’ is going to try and disrupt the conference.

Defense of democracy in this case means attacking a democratically elected government and demanding that it bow to the mandate of an unelected judicial oligarchy that appears to claim unchecked power.

The Israel Bonds Leadership Conference is there to promote investments. Protesting outside it is an economic attack on Israel.

UnxeptableD is a hashtag posing as a group. Its site contains no information as to who is behind it, but veteran anti-Israel groups will be protesting there. That suggests JDCA is joining pro-terrorist and anti-Israel groups in trying to undermine Israeli bond sales.

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JDCA was supposed to sell American Jews on the idea that its party is pro-Israel. By disrupting the Bonds event and thereby harming Israel’s economy, it appears to be just the opposite.