‘Because she was a Jew’: Teen’s killer indicted for murder

The Arab terrorist who raped and killed 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher was indicted for murder in Jerusalem District Court on Thursday.

By World Israel News Staff

Arafat Irfayia, the prime suspect in the killing of Jewish teenager Ori Ansbacher, was indicted for murder in the Jerusalem District Court on Thursday. It was a month to the day that Ansbacher was killed in a wooded nature reserve on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Ansbacher, 19, a nature lover, had gone to the area to be alone and write in the Ein Yael reserve when Irfayia came upon her and decided to kill her with his knife. Ansbacher struggled with the defendant, the indictment says.

Irfayia, 29, was indicted for an act of premeditated murder, rape and illegal entry into Israel.

The terrorist earlier had reconstructed the killing for Israel investigators. He says he left his home in Hebron with the express intention of killing a Jew. He had bought a skullcap two weeks earlier, he told investigators “so that I could enter Israel without being suspected, and not be recognized that I’m an illegal resident.”

Terror victim Ori Ansbacher

Terror victim Ori Ansbacher (Courtesy)

When Irfayia saw Ansbacher, he said in Arabic, “I am an Arab.” After he saw that she didn’t understand him, he decided to rape and kill her. Irfayia says he stabbed Ansbacher three times with the knife he had brought with him and dragged her a distance of about 150 meters. She shouted, but in the deserted forest no one could hear her. Then he stabbed her a few more times, stuffed her mouth with her shawl, and tied her hands with her belt.

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After raping her, he then took her cell phone and fled the scene. During his flight, Arfaia took the memory card from the phone and threw it under a rock. He then traveled to the Palestinian Authority in a taxi, where he was captured by Israel’s Yamam, or counter-terrorism unit.