‘Kite with Camera’ flies over Israel from Gaza

Israel remains on constant alert as it monitors Palestinian terrorist activity on its border with Gaza.

IDF forces on Saturday fired shots toward a kite with a camera tied to it that Palestinians were flying on the Gaza Strip border.

The Palestinians flying the kite immediately retreated. The IDF did not bring down the kite.

The kite, which may have been used to collect intelligence in Israel for the purpose of future attacks, briefly breached Israeli air space.

The border with Gaza has been tense over the past week after several Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilian targets.

A Salafist terror organization linked to the Islamic State (ISIS), which claimed responsibility for last week’s attacks, threatened to attack Israel again over the weekend.

They said their attacks were in response to arrests of their members by Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip and is competing with them for control of the street. The Salafists attack Israel, which responds by attacking Hamas targets and causing damage to the terror organization.

While Hamas does not actually fire these rockets, Israel maintains that any incidents emanating from the Strip are Hamas’ responsibility, as it is the ruling authority there.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News