Netanyahu: I will lead to ‘great victory’ in next elections

Netanyahu, expecting a decisive win in the 2019 national elections, said he plans to continue serving as prime minister for years to come. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Tuesday that he has no intention of resigning from politics and that he will lead his party to “a great victory” in the 2019 elections.

During his historic visit in Argentina, Netanyahu was asked by a reporter about rumors that he intended to resign.

“Its nonsense,” Netanyahu replied. “I plan to complete this candidacy and lead the Likud [political party] to a great victory in the 2019 elections.”

All recent polls show that Netanyahu would win by a large margin, that his political party would control at least a third of the Knesset and that he would manage to establish a coalition with relative ease.

The Israeli leader further boasted about strong support for his leadership within the Likud and on the Israeli street.

“I see great fortitude – there is no other way to say it,” he concluded.

Netanyahu is the second-longest-serving Israeli leader, after David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, and if his government lasts the full term, he will be the longest-serving. Elected four times, he was prime minister from 1996 until 1999 and again in 2009 until the present.

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The next elections in Israel are scheduled for November 2019.

By: World Israel News Staff