Notorious New Jersey ‘Nazi dad’ changes name to Hitler

Isidore Heath Campbell, a White Supremacist, officially changed his name to Isidore Heath Hitler.

Isidore Heath Campbell, a self-proclaimed Nazi, officially became Isidore Heath Hitler this week with a legal name change that took effect. reported Hitler’s name officially changed from Campbell on Monday, the anniversary of World War II’s end in Europe after Germany’s surrender.

“It’s great. My driver’s license is changed over, my insurance, my registration, all that I needed is changed over,” he said. “I’m the new Hitler.”

Hitler was granted approval from Hunterdon County Superior Court to change his surname.

He said his initials, I.H.H., stand for “I Hail Hitler,” and that he gave a prayer for the Nazis on the day his name officially changed.

Hitler first gained national notoriety when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for his son, named Adolf Hitler Campbell after the Nazi leader.

Hitler said he now wants to regain custody of his four children, who are all named after various Nazis and white nationalist groups.

His children – Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell and Heinrich Hons Campbell – were placed in foster care because of violence in the family home.

During a family court hearing for his youngest son, Hitler entered a New Jersey courthouse dressed in Nazi uniform.

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Court records show he was ordered to seek counseling, but he refused because, he said, his psychologist was Jewish.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff