Palestinian violently murders pregnant Israeli girlfriend, claims it was terror

A Palestinian who violently murdered a pregnant Israeli woman, with whom police say he was romantically involved, now claims it was an act of terror. 

A Palestinian man, charged on Wednesday with murdering his 29-year-old Israeli girlfriend, who was eight months pregnant, now says that he killed her in order “to release [Palestinian] prisoners.”

The victim, Michal Halimi, went missing at the end of May.

The suspect, Mohammed Harouf, 29, a Palestinian from Shechem (Nablus), was questioned about her disappearance and later confessed, after his arrest.

The police investigation reveals that the couple had met in Holon, in central Israel, the site of the murder. Her body was subsequently recovered.

Harouf admitted to committing the murder by strangling Halimi and bashing her head with rocks. He then covered her body with sand and fled the scene with her car.

Harouf was brought before a judge in Jerusalem on Wednesday and will be indicted in the coming days.

In court, he claimed that he “wanted to kill all the Jews” and assaulted one of the guards.

Police emphasized that the murder was criminally, not politically, motivated. Harouf’s claim to the contrary is likely a ploy to qualify for a monthly stipend paid by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to terrorists.

By: World Israel News Staff