Palestinians claim to shoot down Israeli drone over Gaza Strip

Palestinians in Gaza say they shot down an IDF drone. Israel confirms a drone did go down over the Strip.

By World Israel News Staff

Palestinian terrorists claim to have shot down an Israeli drone over the central Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

The Israel Defense Forces confirms a drone went down but says it’s not clear if the drone was shot down or suffered a technical failure. The IDF is investigating.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office also said that there was no danger of the loss of sensitive information.

Israel is a world-leader in drone development and was one of the first to use drones in combat.

Only last Monday, the IDF shot down a drone that crossed into Israel from the Gaza Strip. That drone was recovered and transferred to investigators.

Hamas in Gaza has attempted to launch drones into Israel before. In 2018, the Israeli news site Ynet reported that drones had dropped explosive devices onto Israeli homes in the south, a fact that it said has been hidden by the Israeli Army.

The report raised the fear that this might become a new method of attack in the next round of hostilities between Israel and Hamas. But a drone war has not yet come to pass.

“Resistance movements in Gaza have managed to develop some 10 types of UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] in the past five years,” Wasef Erekat, a Palestinian military expert, told Anadolu Agency.

Erekat said that the Palestinians have two types of drones, one for collecting information and photos and the other that has an explosive charge to carry out attacks.

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