Bennett’s team transforms Washington hotel into impromptu synagogue

Delayed White House meeting forced Bennett to spend an unplanned Shabbat in Washington.

By David Hellerman, World Israel News

When a deadly suicide bombing at Kabul’s airport forced the White House to postpone Thursday’s meeting between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and President Joe Biden, the delay forced the Israeli premier, along with his delegation and accompanying media corps to spend an unplanned Shabbat in Washington.

In normal circumstances, Bennett and his delegation would have attended services at one of Washington’s synagogues.

But with COVID ruling out that option, the Prime Minister’s staff, with help from Chabad and the Israeli embassy in Washington were able turn one of the rooms at Bennett’s hotel into an impromptu synagogue — including a Torah scroll, ark, prayerbooks and yarmulkes, the Times of Israel reported.

Bennett’s delegation, along with the Israeli journalists covering the visit joined together services and Shabbat dinner.

Bennett’s wife, Gilat, and their four children, did not travel to the U.S. and spent Shabbat in Ra’anana.

The Prime Minister was scheduled to fly back to Israel as soon as Shabbat ends in Washington.