Spate of violent car robberies by Palestinians hits Binyamin region

The Binyamin region has been hit by a spate of violent car robberies perpetrated by Palestinians, mostly against Jews. 

By: World Israel News Staff

For the fourth time in the last month in the Binyamin region, Palestinians robbed a car by forcibly removing the Jewish driver.

The most recent robbery took place near Bir Zeit. The driver, 60, is from Ofra in Samaria.

According to reports, a white car carrying several Palestinians forced the Jewish driver off the road. Armed with metal rods, the Palestinians forcibly removed him and stole his car.

It is believed that the same group of robbers has carried out addition thefts, according to Hakol Hayehudi news site.

Three weeks ago, Palestinians stole a car packed with school supplies worth NIS 60,000 after using a screwdriver to intimidate the driver.

A few days after this incident, the same robbers attacked a woman driver at the entrance to Talmon in the Binyamin region. They broke a car window but the woman managed to escape in the vehicle.

In yet another incident near Neria, also in Binyamin, the robbers managed to remove a female driver forcibly from the car. She was lightly wounded from the glass of a broken window.

A week ago, a car was stolen from Na’alin, an Arab village in the Ramallah district. The car had a five-year-old Arab child inside. The robbers removed the boy from the car when they noticed him and continued to drive away in the stolen vehicle.

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