2 Israelis injured in firebomb attack in Samaria

Four men were sleeping in the building when terrorists firebombed it.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

Arab terrorists threw Molotov cocktails into a structure at Oz Tzion in the Binyamin region on Wednesday night, setting fire to it and lightly injuring two Israel.

Four men were sleeping in the building when it was set on fire by the terrorists. They escaped by jumping through the windows.

One of the firebombs landed near a mattress and caused burns to the legs of one of the victims.

A total of three bombs were thrown into the building, and another two were thrown outside nearby.

Firefighters, IDF troops and an MDA team arrived at the scene, extinguished the fire and treated the wounded, who did not need to be evacuated to a hospital.

The IDF launched a manhunt for the terrorist, who may have come from the nearby Arab town of Burka.