29 Iranian women arrested in rebellion against obligatory hijab

Women in Iran continue to face arrest for fighting the law that forces them to wear the hijab.

By: World Israel News Staff and AP

At least 29 Iranian women have been arrested for publicly protesting the obligatory Muslim headscarf by taking theirs off and waving them on sticks.

US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert on Friday condemned Iran for the arrests and expressed support for “the Iranian people who are protesting against women being forced to wear the hijab.”

“We condemn the reported arrests of at least 29 individuals for exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms by standing up against the compulsory hijab,” Nauert stated.

The US “remains steadfast in our support for the rights to freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and peaceful assembly. People should be free to choose the clothes they wear, and practice their faith as they desire. Depriving individuals of this choice undermines their autonomy and dignity,” she added.

The protesting women appear to be following the lead of a 31-year-old protester identified as Vida Movahed, who took off her headscarf in the street in late December, as part of wide-spread protests in the country. She was detained for a few weeks and then released.

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Women showing their hair in public can be jailed for up to two months or fined $25.

The Islamic dress code, in place since the 1979 revolution, requires for any female above 13 years obligatory hijab and cover from head to toe, in addition to banning figure-hugging dress.