7 IDF soldiers injured in accident

A collision between an armored vehicle and a tractor in northern Israel on Tuesday left seven IDF soldiers injured, two of them seriously.

The IDF stated it is investigating the incident in which the unit, from the Combat Engineers Corps, was returning from conducting construction in the Har Dov area. The D9 tractor was leading the Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), and both vehicles maintained the required distance between them.

For reasons yet unknown, the APC lost its brakes and ran into the tractor.

Massive amounts of rescue personnel were alerted to the site, and the injured soldiers, from the APC, were evacuated via helicopters to two hospitals in the area.

The soldiers, including an officer and a non-commissioned officer, are suffering from a broad array of injuries, mostly to their limbs.

The IDF has launched an investigation to determine the circumstances of the collision.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News