8 Hezbollah terrorists killed in Syria

Several Hezbollah terrorists were killed in Syria. It is still unclear who carried out the strike. 

At least eight Hezbollah terrorists were killed in a drone attack while fighting alongside Assad’s forces in the eastern Syrian Desert.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Monday a drone of unknown affiliation struck a position of the Lebanese terrorist group, which is fighting alongside government forces in the Homs province.

A Hezbollah official confirmed the attack but could not confirm the toll. The official was not authorized to speak to the media and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Reports say the senior Hezbollah field commanders were among the casualties.

Hezbollah and other pro-government and Iran-backed forces are battling the Islamic State (ISIS) group in eastern Syria. Hezbollah has incurred heavy losses while fighting for Bashar al-Assad and Iranian interests in Syria.

Some reports say that the US Air Force flew the strike mission. According to others, Russian “friendly fire” cannot be rule out as a possibility.

A spokesman of the US-led coalition said the location of the strike was outside its area of operations.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff