After denying Hamas atrocities, Roger Waters blames hotel cancellations on ‘Israel lobby’

The former Pink Floyd vocalist accused Israel of ‘blowing out of proportion’ the October 7 atrocities, and even claiming that Israelis ‘made up stories about beheading babies.’

By World Israel News Staff

Former Pink Floyd frontman and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters has accused the “Israeli Lobby” of  being behind mysterious hotel room cancellations after he claimed Israel invented stories about decapitated babies and other atrocities from the Hamas onslaught on October 7.

Waters blamed Israel after two hotels canceled his bookings ahead of a performance at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires.

Waters had booked a room at the Faena Hotel, but said the hotel had canceled the booking for the purposes of refurbishment

“It’s the Israeli lobby pressing its full weight. Pathetic!” he told Argentinian outlet, Pagina.

He also reserved 10 rooms at the Alvea hotel which were canceled, according to Waters, “with no explanation.”

Both hotels refused to comment.

His accusations follow blistering comments made last week in which he denied Israel’s “fishy” account of the massacre on October 7, saying, it was “blown out of proportion” and even claiming that Israelis “ma[de] up stories about beheading babies.”

“How the hell did the Israelis not know it was going to happen? I’m still a little bit down that rabbit hole,” he told podcast host, Glenn Greenwald.

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Waters said he believed “the first 400” killed were soldiers but would not acknowledge war crimes, only saying that he would  “absolutely” condemn them if any were made. He went on to say that that the Palestinians “are legally and morally bound to resist occupation.”

Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005, uprooting thousands of Israeli Jews from settlements there. The atrocities committed on October 7 were in Israeli communities in the Gaza envelope which are recognized as legal even by Israel’s harshest critics.