After Syrian report of Israeli strike, Netanyahu says: ‘We are acting’

“On the northern front, we are acting against Iran and Hezbollah, and you are hearing about it,” said Netanyahu.

By World Israel News Staff 

Just hours after Syria’s SANA news agency reported on Thursday that Israel had launched a rocket toward Quneitra on the Syrian side of the Golan heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Jerusalem gathering that “on the northern front, we are acting against Iran and Hezbollah, and you are hearing about it.”

The prime minister was addressing a memorial ceremony at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem for Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a leading pre-state Zionist figure whose ideology molded the principles of what is now Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Though speaking often of the need to prevent Iranian entrenchment and military buildups, Israel generally refrains from officially reacting to reports of specific attacks, and there was no statement from the IDF about Thursday’s reported rocket strike.

Saudi news channel Al Majd Hadith said the attack took place after movements of Hezbollah fighters were spotted in the area. It is one of the Syrian locations where Iran is attempting to establish military infrastructure, including listening posts for monitoring Israeli army activity on the Golan, Ynet news reports.

Israel has also reportedly been attacking Iranian targets in Iraq, as the Islamic Republic is said to be continuing to try to expand its presence in the region, and the Israeli military is extending its own efforts to track down and thwart the Iranian activity.

According to the London-based Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat, Israel struck two Iranian military sites this month in Iraq.

The report, citing Western diplomatic sources, said Israeli stealth F-35 jets hit an Iranian rocket depot northeast of Baghdad on July 19 and a base in Iraq that lies just 80 kilometers from the Iranian border in an airstrike on July 28. That base reportedly contained a shipment of Iranian ballistic missiles, as well as Iranian “advisers,” the report stated.