Israel attacks Syrian border town of Qunetria, report says

Israel attacked Quneitra on Thursday afternoon, according to a report from Syrian media. 

By World Israel News Staff

Israel launched a rocket around 2:00 p.m. local time toward the western countryside of Quneitra Province, Syria’s SANA news agency reported on Thursday.

The rocket targeted Tal Braiqa in Rasm al-Sadd, which is to the west of the city of Quneitra, the Syrian news outlet reports. It’s not known if the missile was fired from the ground or from a fighter plane.

If the story is accurate, it is unusual for Israel to carry out such attacks during daytime.

Saudi news channel Al Majd Hadith said the strike occurred after movements of Hezbollah fighters were spotted in the area.

Tal Braiqa is known as an area when Hezbollah and Iranian advisers are active. It’s one of the Syrian locations where Iran is attempting to establish military infrastructure, including listening posts for monitoring Israeli Army activity on the Golan Heights, Ynet news reports.

Last week, SANA reported that the Israeli Air Force launched an attack on the Tel al Hara area in the Dara’a district in southern Syria. That attack occurred in the early morning hours.

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Reports earlier this week said that Israel carried out an attack in Iraq on Iranian targets, indicating that the Jewish State is expanding the area it is willing to operate.