AIPAC and Bernie Sanders agree on rejecting ceasefire – leading to progressive backlash

In an unlikely turn of events, AIPAC reposts Senator Sander’s rejection of demands for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war – prompting Progressives to turn on Bernie.

By World Israel News Staff

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) surprised conservatives and some of his left-leaning supporters over the weekend when he rejected demands that the U.S. work to impose a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, replied when asked by Dana Bash, host of CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday whether he agreed with those who called for a ceasefire saying, “Well, I don’t know how you could have a ceasefire, permanent ceasefire, with an organization like Hamas, which is dedicated to turmoil and chaos and destroying the state of Israel, and I think what the Arab countries in the region understand [is] that Hamas has got to go.”

Not long after the interview, AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, reposted a video clip of the interview on its X account.

Two hours later, AIPAC posted, “Thank you @SenSanders for your clear and principled opposition to calls for a ceasefire with Hamas.”

Bernie’s remarks about a ceasefire sent shockwaves through progressive circles, especially among those who up until now have expressed staunch support for the senator from Vermont.

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Some critics on social media are turning against Sanders because he is Jewish, and “what can you expect from a Jew.”

A former spokeswoman for Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, Briahna Joy Gray, called him, “The biggest disappointment of my generation” in a social media comment.

Bernie Sanders’ remarks on CNN are a reversal of his position during the 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls conflict between Israel and Hamas. During that conflict, he wrote a New York Times op-ed calling on the United States to pressure Israel into an immediate ceasefire.

His current no ceasefire position, however, doesn’t signal a warming of his attitude to AIPAC. Following the interview, Sanders posted on X, “@AIPAC has supported dozens of GOP extremists who are undermining our democracy.”

Elsewhere in the CNN interview, Senator Sanders was critical of Israel’s handling of the war and believes aid to Israel should be made conditional on its behavior.