Analysis: Woke Coke – Company tells workers to ‘try to be less white’

When something like this has taken hold so completely that it happens at Coca-Cola, you’d better believe that you need some warriors to roll it back.

By Scott McKay, American Spectator

Let’s talk about race, and race relations, for just a minute.

Can we agree that the period between, say, 1964 and 2008 represents the single fastest advance in race relations within one society in human history? America went from having the segregationist South on fire amid the prospect of Congress passing legislation to enforce the promise of the 14th Amendment to electing as president a man whose chief selling point was that he was black.

There is no real precedent in world history for a nation to peacefully go from actively oppressing a minority in much of its territory to electing, in a landslide, a member of that minority to lead it in the space of two generations.

It should be noted that of the 11 presidential terms represented during that period, seven of them saw Republicans in executive leadership. That’s a fact somewhat inconvenient to the Left as it continues to press the fraudulent case that the GOP is the home of racists and bigots.

What accounted for this sea change? An idea, one the vast majority of Americans of all races bought into.

Credit the idea to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., though it existed prior to his rise. King popularized the notion that what America wanted was a color-blind society. “I have a dream,” he said, “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

America bought into that idea, first gradually and then all at once. It was a unifying idea that led to black entertainers and athletes earning untold fortunes courtesy of the patronage of often mostly white audiences, black entrepreneurs thriving, and the growth of a black middle class where none existed — all despite the sharp decline of the black family and the attendant waste of human talent resulting from it.

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We want the color-blind society. But it isn’t what we’re getting. The people taking credit for selling it to us — though King would, one imagines, be horrified at the state of the modern Left in this country — are determined to go much further than that.

Take what happened at Coca-Cola last week, for example. It was revealed that the company, one of America’s great worldwide brands, is conducting diversity and sensitivity training seminars, which fit under no possible concept of a color-blind society and should offend to the point of fighting words every single American.

Among the messages on slides that emerged from the seminars:

Confronting Racism: Understanding What It Means To Be White, Challenging What It Means To Be Racist….

To be less white is to:
– be less oppressive
– be less arrogant
– be less certain
– be less defensive
– be less ignorant
– be more humble
– listen
– believe
– break with apathy
– break with white solidarity …

In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white. Research shows that by the age of 3 or 4, children understand that it is better to be white.

And the eye-opener:

Try to be less white.

This is at Coca-Cola, not Ben & Jerry’s or Nike.

The level of cultural aggression involved in presenting something like this in a corporate seminar is astounding. It validates the Instagram post Gina Carano was canceled for sharing, except for the fact Carano was decrying the possibility of a psychotic government actively promoting hatred of an ethnic group and this is supposed to be one of the most mainstream corporate entities imaginable.

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It makes you wonder what else is being taught at those corporate seminars.

Which brings us to Bush Republicanism, because since 1988, when most of the sea change in race relations since 1964 had taken place and a sizable chunk of the economic and social advancement of Black America, if not most of it, had also occurred, the “compassionate conservative” crowd was hoping for a “kinder, gentler America” while refusing to engage on icky cultural issues held sway within the GOP.

There can be little argument that despite all the think-tank white papers, top-dollar political messaging, money spent on “outreach,” and National Review columns over that time frame, the performance of the Republican Establishment can only be described as a failure.

The America Ronald Reagan left to his party had a right-leaning culture to match a right-leaning populace. We’ve gone from that to Coca-Cola preaching outright anti-white racism in its employee seminars.

How can you call yourself a conservative if you aren’t willing to fight to conserve your societal values and traditions?

We aren’t talking about preserving segregation. We’re talking about preserving King’s color-blind society against a cadre of lunatics marinating in Critical Race Theory — a dog’s breakfast of envy and victimization concocted mostly by white Europeans like Herbert Marcuse. Nobody seems to recognize that pretty much everything the anti-white crowd is using was invented by white guys.

When something like this has taken hold so completely that it happens at Coca-Cola, you’d better believe that you need some warriors to roll it back.

Does anybody think Mitch McConnell, Bill Cassidy, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney have what it takes to do that? Will Jonah Goldberg and David French do it? With apologies to American Spectator alum Quin Hillyer, who savaged the Louisiana Republican Party for its censure of Bill Cassidy over his idiotic impeachment vote on the peculiar basis that 32 years ago it neglected to similarly censure David Duke, does anybody trust him to effectively fight back against the anti-white racism with which the Left is busily festooning conference rooms and email inboxes?

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War of survival

We’re in a war for the survival of our very culture. And we’ve been in a fairly disorganized retreat for a long time. To those who think Donald Trump, who at least recognized the necessity of the fight, isn’t good enough for them — if you wish to fantasize about retaking the GOP for the failed brand of conservatism that Trump shook out, then let’s hear a plan to stop the Coca Cola-style corporate aggressions.

We already know the answer, which is that they have no such plan. They’ve sat around for decades watching things progress to this point and even defended those cultural aggressions at times. They’ve lectured us that private companies can do as they please because that’s capitalism, they’ve squandered mountains of lucre on secondary schools and universities pumping out the worst sort of academic bilge, and they’ve refused to match the passion of the Left over the very future of America.

And amid employees of Fortune 500 corporations, college students, and government workers being mau-maued into submission with anti-white racism, which by the way will create a great deal more racism than it solves, these people want to be the voice of the opposition?

No. Hell, no. We need Pattons and Grants in this fight, and the Bush Republicans are better understood as McClellans.