Anti-Israel protesters occupy campuses, declare ‘intifada’, commit arson on global scale

The Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine’s (HOOP) press statement declared that ‘the student intifada is here to stay at Harvard.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Anti-Israel protesters occupying university campuses across the United States and Europe are calling for a global ‘intifada’ and are committing mass acts of arson.

At Harvard University, demonstrators resisted orders to take down the 13-day old encampment occupying the campus and doubled down on threats against the university while calling for a “student intifada.”

The Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine’s (HOOP) press statement declared that “the student intifada is here to stay at Harvard.”

“The student intifada has engulfed the entire country,” said an encampment spokeswoman. “It is changing the conversation, expanding the realm of possibilities. If these universities only care about their assets, then the student movement will become a liability.”

Harvard is one of dozens of universities across the United States that are being occupied by anti-Israel demonstrators, imitating the original encampment set up at Columbia University.

The HOOP spokeswoman threatened the university saying they would take drastic measures if demands weren’t met, “Make no mistake, whatever happens next will be the result of the choices that Harvard has made.”

In response, the interim President of Harvard, Alan Garber, who took over after the resignation of Claudine Gay, said that while Harvard University is committed to free speech, this right isn’t “unlimited,” particularly if protesters prevent the majority of students from taking classes and engaging normally in student life.

Garber said, “We continue to hear reports of students whose ability to sleep, study, and move freely about the campus has been disrupted by the actions of the protesters.”

In addition, protesters “confronted, surveilled, and followed” other students on a regular basis.

In solidarity with US campuses, anti-Israel protesters in Berlin, Amsterdam and Zurich universities have used similar tactics.

Police disbanded an encampment on the campus of Freie Universität Berlin as anti-Israel demonstrators protested police presence and demanded the re-instatement of anti-Israel faculty.

Police also were called to unauthorized encampments at the University of Amsterdam and demonstrators turned violent, throwing flares and stones at police officers.

Law enforcement was called to break up an encampment at Lausanne University (UNIL) last week, and since then, demonstrations have spread to campuses in Zurich and Geneva.

In the United States, Antifa set fire to 15 police vehicles in Portland in a pre-emptive attack against law enforcement officers who were preparing to break up an encampment at Portland University.

Antifa has actively called for acts of violence against those who oppose their Anti-Israel views and to resist forcefully against police.

The anarchist anti-Israel group, which calls itself Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade after the woman who was killed after putting herself in the path of a bulldozer in Rafah in 2003, said in a statement, “Let ten million cop cars burn!…raid them before they can raid you!”

The Brigade also sent messages to followers saying, “If the Zionist settlers come, throw fireworks at them! If the cops come don’t just resist arrest, fight them! They will hate you and beat you if you’re peaceful or violent, and it is time to be violent.”