Antisemitic incidents in France up fourfold, spike 13x in London since October 7th

CRIF revealed that the rise in antisemitic incidents was the worst it had seen since it began keeping records in 2012. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

In a concerning trend, recent data reveal that antisemitic incidents in France have increased fourfold and in London, are up 13x since October 7th.

The French interior ministry and the Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF), a security watchdog group, reported 1,676 antisemitic acts in 2023 compared to just 436 a year ago.

Of these incidents, 60% involved the use of physical violence, dangerous threats or menacing gestures and 13% took place in schools.

The report says, “We are witnessing a rejuvenation of the perpetrators of antisemitic acts. Schools are no longer a sanctuary of the Republic.”

CRIF revealed that the rise in antisemitic incidents was the worst it had seen since it began keeping records in 2012.

The organization cautioned that it can only count incidents which have been reported to the police and in reality, there are many more than the published figures.

France is home to the largest Jewish and Muslim populations in Europe.

CRIF has linked the dramatic rise in antisemitic incidents to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, with at least a third of them involving a call to jihadism and murder.

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London’s Metropolitan police reported, according to The Daily Mail that antisemitic incidents have risen by 13x in the UK’s capital since October 7 when comparing the numbers to those of the same time in 2022.

Between October 7th and November 7th in 2023, there were 679 reported antisemitic incidents compared to 50 for the same period in 2022.

The London Metropolitan Police released a statement, “We recognize the impact that the October 7 terrorist attacks and the subsequent conflict have had here in London, in particular in Jewish and Muslim communities.”

“The Met has had a dedicated operation focused on responding to the increase in hate crime, fear and uncertainty in communities and protests throughout.”

A recent poll conducted by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) in the UK revealed some growing anti-Jewish attitudes among all groups, particularly younger Britons.

The poll conducted by King’s College London revealed that one-third of people over 64 believe the Jews treat Palestinians the way the Nazis treated the Jews, and the percentage is higher among those between 18 and 24.

Around 20% of the British public believe Israel and those who support it have a negative impact on democracy, and among those between 18-24, the number is 25%.

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Those who believe Israel doesn’t have the right to self-defense are 7% among the general public and 14% among those 18-24.

Over 10% of young people in Britain don’t think Israel has a right to exist and 10% of those between 18-24 think Jews mention the Holocaust only to further a political agenda.