AOC complains about weak turnout for Democrats among Hispanic-Americans

AOC said more effort must be made to bring out the Hispanic vote for Democrats.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed her frustration about the poor turnout of Hispanic-Americans for the Democrats in a Wednesday tweet.

“I won’t comment much on tonight’s results as they are evolving and ongoing, but I will say we’ve been sounding the alarm about Dem vulnerabilities w/ Latinos for a long, long time,” AOC tweeted.

She linked to a Yahoo Finance story quoting White House Correspondent Hunter Walker, who said, “One of the big stories in Florida has been Joe Biden’s underperformance with Latino voters.”

Trump performed well among Hispanic-Americans, especially in Miami-Dade County in Florida, helping him win the Sunshine State 51.3% to Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s 47.9%.

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According to NBC, “Around 55 percent of Florida’s Cuban-American vote went to Trump, according to NBC News exit polls, while 30 percent of Puerto Ricans and 48 percent of ‘other Latinos’ backed Trump.”

Trump invested $3.1 million overall in Spanish-language TV ads, according to Politico. The Biden camp actually spent more courting the Hispanic vote with $4.2 million on such ads.