Arab leaders ready to bypass Abbas to push Trump’s peace plan

Arab nations will be ready to back Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative with or without the cooperation of the Palestinian president. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Arab nations informed US President Donald Trump’s ‎Middle East envoys that they would back a US peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians regardless of whether Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas agrees to discuss it, according to a report by Israel Hayom. ‎

Senior officials in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and ‎the United Arab Emirates met with White House ‎adviser Jared Kushner and US Special ‎Representative for International Negotiations Jason ‎Greenblatt in recent days and reportedly conveyed this message.

‎They also said they have become fed up with Abbas’ rejectionism.

Kushner expressed a willingness to bypass Abbas in an interview that appeared this week with Al-Quds, a Palestinian newspaper.

A top Egyptian official told Israel Hayom Sunday ‎that the moderate Arab nations’ position was ‎‎”unanimous” and that Cairo, Amman, Riyadh and Abu ‎Dhabi would not oppose an attempt by Washington to go ‎over Abbas’ head in this case.‎

However, officials in all four nations made it clear ‎to both American envoys that they would not be party to any ‎deal that compromises Palestinian interests. ‎

“Despite the strategic mistakes made by Abu Mazen ‎‎[Abbas] and his people,” an Egyptian official said, “Kushner and Greenblatt were ‎told, in no uncertain terms, that the Palestinians ‎deserve an independent Palestinian state with east ‎Jerusalem as its capital.”‎

According to the official, ‎”Kushner agreed to the Arab nations’ demand and made ‎it clear during his meetings with [Jordan’s] King ‎Abdullah and [Egyptian] President [Abdel-Fattah] el-‎Sissi that the interests of the Palestinian people ‎will not be harmed if the regional peace plan is ‎introduced without the Palestinian leadership’s ‎cooperation.”

Abbas has declared that he would refuse to meet with Trump’s envoys after Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December and relocated the American Embassy to Jerusalem.