Arab students vandalize IDF memorial at Jerusalem college

Arab students defaced a memorial for fallen IDF soldiers at a school in Jerusalem.

By World Israel News Staff

Arab students at the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem vandalized a memorial for fallen IDF soldiers prior to Israel’s Memorial Day, which starts Tuesday night, the Arutz7 news site reports.

The vandals also extinguished candles at a memorial corner set aside to honor Israel’s fallen. They wrote “Ramadan Kareem” (or, “Happy Ramadan”) over the memorial, the website reports.

According to Arutz7, the student union said in a statement, “The Student Union came up with the idea for a memorial wall with the goal of providing a place to remember those who fell in the various wars, and to allow students to write the names of their loved ones and light candles in their memory.”

“Unfortunately, a person or persons decided to mock the importance of the wall and to deface it in a premeditated fashion. We obviously strongly condemn this act, and the issue has been turned over for serious action to the administration and dean of students.”

The David Yellin Academic College of Education is a teacher’s college which prides itself on its diverse student body.

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According to its website, “The college’s 5,000 students represent the diversity in Israeli society. Religious and secular Jews, Muslim and Christian Arabs, and new immigrants all meet up at David Yellin College with the common aim of becoming the next generation of Israeli educators.”