Arab terrorist infiltrates IDF base, attacks two soldiers

The terrorist escaped through a breach in the fence.

By World Israel News Staff

An Arab terrorist, his face covered, entered a guard post at an Israeli Army base and attacked two IDF soldiers.

The terrorist then escaped through a breach in the fence. The two soldiers were lightly injured and were treated on the scene.

The attack took place at the Mishmar Hanegev base at 4:30 a.m. Monday morning.

IDF soldiers saw the suspect approaching the guard post and shouted at him to “Stop.” He ignored them and began attacking the soldiers with a knife and another weapon before escaping the way he came.

IDF forces are searching for the terrorist. “We have been scouring the area for several hours trying to find him,” said a member of the security forces participating in the search. “There are many forces here, including the police, security personnel from nearby communities and the IDF.”

The IDF says that it believes the suspect entered the base in order to steal weapons.

However, an IDF official told Israeli news site N12: “It is still unclear whether this is a national or criminal incident, it is under investigation. But in any case, this is a serious event that could have ended differently and we will do everything to get our hands on the suspect.”