Artificially intelligent Israeli-made drones securing UAE oil fields

Israeli start-up’s UAVs operate around the clock in extreme heat scanning large areas without human intervention.


Artificial Intelligence-driven drones developed by an Israeli start-up are monitoring oil fields, solar farms and other infrastructure facilities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), detecting infrastructure faults and providing real-time safety and security issues.

The uniqueness of Israeli skimmers is that they operate around the clock, including in extreme heat conditions, and regularly scan large areas without the need for human intervention.

The drones take off from a docking station, perform their patrols and return independently to recharge.

Powered by computer vision and AI, the drone provides aerial visual insights and enables users to optimize their security and business operations while reducing risks and operational costs.

Percepto, the Israeli company that developed the drones, works with the large energy, infrastructure and communications companies around the world, including the Florida Electric Company, which uses drones to diagnose and rehabilitate the electricity grid after hurricanes, US Fuel, which manages several refineries, the communications company Verizon, the Rio Tanto mining giant and the Dead Sea plants in Israel.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the use of robotics around the world, due to global constraints that make it difficult for human manpower to be available and deployed on the ground. Percepto’s system allows any of the staff members on or off the site to use the system from anywhere in the world, and launch robots to difficult and dangerous places to access.