As death toll rises to 900, Netanyahu warns ‘we will defeat Hamas like ISIS’

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday compared Hamas to the Islamic State terror group, and said Israel will defeat the Gaza ruling terror group in the same way ISIS was defeated.

“We always knew who Hamas is, now the entire world sees them for who they truly are. Hamas is ISIS, and we will defeat them just as the West defeated ISIS,” he declared during a televised address on the third day of the war with Hamas in Gaza.

Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s reluctant entry into the war.

“Israel is at war. It wasn’t a choice of ours; it was ruthlessly thrust upon us in such a savage way. While Israel didn’t start this conflict, we are determined to finish it,” Netanyahu said.

Reflecting on the historical vulnerabilities of the Jewish people, he said, “There was a time when the Jewish people were stateless and vulnerable. Those days are behind us.”

He projected a message of strength and warned of significant consequences for Hamas. “They will soon realize the monumental error in targeting us. The repercussions will resonate not just today but will be remembered for decades.”

Drawing on the broader implications of the conflict, he asserted, “In fighting Hamas, Israel defends not just its own citizens but those of every country that opposes barbarity. When Israel emerges victorious, it symbolizes a win for all civilized nations.”

The death toll has climbed to 900, a figure that is feared to escalate. Additionally, the number of injured stands at 2,616. More than 100 hostages are being held captive by Hamas in Gaza.