‘Baby murderer’ – Mother of IDF soldier harassed in Holland

“It feels like in World War II when the addresses of Jews were given out,” said the victim.

By World Israel News Staff

The mother of a soldier currently serving the Israeli army was harassed at her home in a suburb of Amsterdam, as three women banged on her door and verbally accosted her.

According to a report from Dutch outlet De Telegraaf, the mother of the soldier has been suffering from sustained harassment via social media, culminating in pro-Palestinian activists stalking her at work and appearing on her doorstep.

The woman, who is employed at as a nurse at a local hospital, has been targeted at her workplace by people waving Palestinian flags and shouting abuse at her.

Following Wednesday’s incident, the harassment has escalated to pro-Palestinian activists confronting her at home.

“It feels like in World War II when the addresses of Jews were given out,” the woman, whose name was not made public due to safety concerns, told De Telegaaf.

The victim was accosted at her home in Amstelveen, a neighborhood with a significant Jewish population, by three women who accused her of being complicit in “genocide” and “child murder.”

“I don’t understand why you are still here in the Netherlands,” one of the assailants reportedly told her.

The woman has been made a public target by pro-Palestinian groups, who have distributed fliers in her neighborhood with the name of the mother and the soldier, the mother’s workplace, and her address.

“Residents beware, a child murderer lives in the neighborhood. This genocidal maniac returned from her murderous activities in Israel and will be soon be tried,” reads the text.

“Her mother sent her bitch daughter to kill babies, she is also an accomplice.”

Similar fliers, with revealing personal information, have also been posted online.

Naomi Mestrum, the director of the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, said in a media statement that the woman was the victim of a lengthy, organized harassment campaign.

“Her feeling of safety has been seriously compromised,” Mestrum said.

The incident comes a week after unknown assailants firebombed the Israeli Embassy in The Hague.

In February, a Dutch NGO filed a lawsuit lobbying the government to prosecute dual Israeli-Dutch citizens or Dutch Jews who have served in the IDF.