‘Be right back!’: Netanyahu predicted return to PMO in note to Bennett

Israeli television channel reveals the note the current Israeli opposition leader left on the desk in the Prime Minister’s Office for his successor Naftali Bennett in 2021.


When he left the Prime Minister’s Office in 2021 following his 12-year tenure as premier, Benjamin Netanyahu left a note on the desk for his successor, Naftali Bennett, that read, “Be right back!” Channel 12 reported on Friday.

Bennett took over the post from Netanyahu in June of that year.

The missive included a rudimentary drawing of the Israeli flag, replete with the Star of David.

Netanyahu is poised to fulfill the promise just under a year and a half later, with his right-religious bloc having won a decisive victory in Tuesday’s national elections.

The current Israeli opposition and Likud Party leader has invited other party heads from the bloc for meetings on Sunday, as the process of forming the country’s next governing coalition kicks into gear.