Benjamin Netanyahu’s son temporarily banned from Facebook

Netanyahu’s son was banned for 24 hours from Facebook for offensive posts.

By Joseph Wolkin, World Israel News

Facebook temporarily shut down Yair Netanyahu’s account. The son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted material the social media giant deemed in violation of its policies.

The younger Netanyahu accused Facebook of being the “thought police,” for removing a post last week where he said he wants, “all the Muslims [to] leave the land of Israel.”

His account will be reactivated after 24 hours. However, continuous violations of Facebook’s community rules could lead to his account being blocked altogether.

He reposted some of the offending posts as screenshots to get around Facebook’s censorship controls.

A week ago, Yair Netanyahu posted on Facebook:

“Left-wing NGOs funded by foreign and hostile governments, the politicians on the left and media people who always side with the enemy and always against Jewish interests, whose hearts are hardened against victims of terror, settlers or victims of infiltrators, and on the other hand whose hearts are full of compassion for every Arab rioter wounded on the Gaza border – they are the traitors!”

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Netanyahu has been blocked from Facebook in the past.