Berlin: Arab guards accost Israelis at trade fair

In an unprecedented incident, Arab security guards shouted anti-Israel epithets at representatives manning the Israeli booth at a tourism trade fair in Berlin.

By: World Israel News Staff

Three Arab security guards verbally assaulted and shouted anti-Israel slogans at representatives at an Israeli booth participating in the ITB tourism trade fair in Berlin Thursday, the Israel Hayom daily reported Saturday.

According to the report the three assailants, employed by the firm charged with handling security at the event, shouted “Free Palestine” and “Freedom for Palestine.”

The three were escorted by police officers called to the scene and removed from the premises and then immediately suspended from their jobs.

Police have launched an investigation into the “unprecedented” incident, the report said.

According to German news site Der Tagesspiegel, officials in Berlin were previously warned about  problematic conduct among German security firm employees with known ties to radical mosques.