‘Biden administration fueling attacks on American Jews,’ says pro-Israel group

Biden under fire after he accused Israel of ‘indiscriminate bombing’ of Gazans, as pro-Israel group says White House’s rhetoric is fueling antisemitism in America.

By World Israel News Staff

The Biden administration is under fire, with a pro-Israel organization accusing the president of fueling antisemitism against American Jews.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden made his sharpest rebuke yet of Israel’s handling of the ongoing war against Hamas, accusing the Jewish state of “indiscriminate bombing” of Gazans, and demanding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do more to prevent collateral damage.

A day later, White House spokesman John Kirby clarified that the administration recognizes that Israel has gone out of its way to minimize civilian casualties.

“That’s basically telegraphing your punches,” Kirby said of Israel warnings to civilians. “There are very few modern militaries in the world that would do that. I don’t know that we would do that.”

Despite Kirby’s comments, however, on Thursday the Zionist Organization of America castigate Biden for his remarks Tuesday, accusing him of fueling antisemitism in the U.S.

In a statement by ZOA National President Morton A. Klein, the group said it “strongly condemns President Joe Biden’s dangerous, indiscriminate remarks on December 12th, falsely accusing Israel of ‘indiscriminate bombing’ in Gaza.”

The ZOA also blasted the Biden administration’s calls during the Hamas war for Israel to commit itself to the establishment of a Palestinian state, as well as the White House’s call to hand over control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority after the war.

“[C]riticizing and calling for changing Israel’s democratically elected government; and calling for Israel to ‘strengthen’ and reward the Palestinian Authority (PA) terror regime with a Palestinian Arab state carved out of Israel’s lawful land (a so-called ‘two-state solution’) – while the PA is celebrating the October 7th atrocities, continuing to pay terrorists huge lifetime pensions to murder Jews and insisting that Hamas must be part of a Palestinian state ; and the PA’s ruling Fatah party is bragging about its brigades participating in the October 7th atrocities.”

“Falsely accusing Israel of ‘indiscriminate bombing’ creates more fuel for attacking American Jews. Biden’s widely disseminated, reckless remarks will likely inspire more antisemitism, at a time when American Jews are being attacked on college campuses and American streets at record breaking levels.”

“Even his spokesman John Kirby said no country, including America, does more to protect civilian lives.”

“Biden voiced his unjustified criticisms of Israel and his statements interfering with and attempting to undermine Israeli democracy at a closed-door campaign reception on December 12, 2023.”

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“Biden’s remarks were then published on the White House website and amplified in media around the world.”