Biden ’embracing Hamas supporters’ for far-left votes: Senator

Biden “must hear from the majority of Americans who stand with Israel against Hamas,” said Sen. Tom Cotton.

By World Israel News Staff

President Joe Biden is ramping up his criticism of Israel and demanding a ceasefire in Gaza in order to pander to far-left Democratic voters, said Republican Sen. Tom Cotton in a blistering statement slamming the Head of State.

Cotton blasted Biden after the president held a press conference at the White House on Monday afternoon, alongside Jordanian King Abdullah II.

Biden called for a “pause” in the fighting, stressing that the “framework” is in place for a hostage deal that would end fighting in exchange for releasing Israeli captives.

During his visit to Washington, the Jordanian king referenced “seven decades of occupation,” a phrase used by those who deny the right of Israel to exist. The choice of words suggests that the presence of a Jewish State in the Middle East is inherently unjust.

Biden’s meeting with Abdullah and his repeated calls for a break in hostilities sparked outrage among some Israel supporters.

“To the many Democrats who support Israel: speak out,” wrote Cotton on social media platform X.

“Biden is convinced his polls will improve by attacking Israel and embracing Hamas-supporters like Rashida Tlaib,” he continued.

“He must hear from the majority of Americans who stand with Israel against Hamas.”

Fox News host Mark Levin echoed Cotton’s sentiments, describing the press conference after the meeting as the “greatest betrayal of Israel by a president ever.”

Calling Biden’s words “grotesque and unconscionable,” Levin said that Biden was using “the Jordanian King as a propagandist and libel[ing] Israel up and down. Absolutely hideous.”

Levin noted that the current king’s father “slaughtered thousands of Palestinian refugees in 1970” during Black September.

“Jordan was the so-called Palestinian state,” Levin added.

“Now imbecile Biden, whose true hate for Israel is now in the open as he panders to the antisemitic Islamists in his party, brings him here where they both smear Israel and demand it commit suicide.”