Biden’s dogs shipped back to Delaware after attack on White House staffer

CNN reported that Major had a “biting incident.”

By World Israel News Staff

“You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog,” President Harry S. Truman said.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden’s dogs were too unfriendly for the role. Champ and Major, the president’s pet German shepherds, were sent home after one bit a member of White House security.

CNN reported that Major had a “biting incident.” The exact time of the “incident” isn’t known but the news outlet reports it was serious enough to cause the Bidens to send the dogs packing.

The dogs are currently in the president and first lady’s Delaware home.

Major, who is three years old, is the younger of the two dogs. He was adopted by Biden in November 2018 from a Delaware animal shelter. He has been known for his energetic behavior, jumping, barking and “charging” at White House staff, CNN reports.

Champ. who is 13, has slowed down, they say, which may explain why he hasn’t attacked anyone.

Jill Biden said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that “I’ve been getting obsessed with getting our dogs settled because we have an old dog and we have a very young dog,”

“They have to take the elevator, they’re not used to that, and they have to go out on the South Lawn with lots of people watching them. So that’s what I’ve been obsessed with, getting everybody settled and calm.”

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It is safe to conclude that the first lady didn’t succeed in getting everyone “settled and calm.”