Biden’s slow motion betrayal of Israel

The question wasn’t whether Biden would betrayal Israel, but when.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

This will be far from the only post with the word “betrayal” in the title, but it’s really been a slow-motion betrayal.

It’s a matter of perspective when you date it from, but by November there was already a definite turn.

A little over a month after the original Hamas attack, the Biden administration was pressuring Israel to use less armor, bomb less, and change its government. Then came the warnings to wrap up the war by the end of the year.

Once it was clear that Israel would not cooperate, the slow-motion betrayal sped up a little with diplomatic, economic and military pressure.

What happened in the last few days is not the betrayal, it’s an escalation of the betrayal driven in no small part by the pressure campaign from Hamas supporters in Michigan and the DSA leftist crowd which has gone all in on it.

Biden has moved slowly because he wants to appease leftists while not alienating Jewish donors. And the Left’s pressure campaign has been about making him choose.

What appears to be a betrayal is really just a more public ‘choice’ lubricated by Schumer and a variety of DSA front groups pretending to be Jewish attacking Israel.

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The Biden administration is borrowing Obama’s old technique of manufacturing a break with Israel to cover up for the betrayal of an ally to Islamic terrorists.

And that takes us to the question of whether there was ever any actual support.

I believe that when John Kirby was crying, it was real. Some in the administration were genuinely horrified.

But beyond whatever personal emotional reaction there was, Biden, Blinken and the larger foreign policy establishment however had calculated that the best way to restrain Israel was to give it a “bear hug” with conditional public and private support.

The conditions from the start crippled Israel’s ability to properly fight the war.

The goal was always to pull Israel back. But that’s always been the purpose of our foreign aid.

On the one hand, we want Israel to project America’s strength in the region so we don’t have to. On the other hand, we want it to be a vassal, we can pull back to tone things down.

This same Kissinger dollar store Richelliue stuff shows up in every war.

So the betrayal was baked in from the start.

The question wasn’t whether Biden would betrayal Israel, but when.