Border police wounded as Israel beefs up activity in Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods

Three border police were injured in the neighborhood of Issawiya overnight Sunday.

By World Israel News Staff

Three Israeli border guards were injured overnight Sunday in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. They were hit by stone-throwing rioters.

In the footage, what appears to be a molotov cocktail is thrown at Israeli forces.

Disturbances have continued for several days after Jerusalem police entered the Arab neighborhood in a bid to expand police enforcement in the “wild east” of the city, according to Israel’s Channel 20.

The residents didn’t want the police entering and began rioting.

On Friday, Israeli police killed an Arab who threw fireworks at them. Police said 20-year-old Mohammad Samir Obeid shot the fireworks at close range, endangering officers’ lives.

Obeid has a terrorist history and sat in an Israeli jail for four years for various acts, including an attempted shooting.

On Saturday night, six rioters were arrested.

According to Channel 20, Jerusalem police said on Sunday that its activities in Issawiya will continue as long as necessary and it will bring to justice anyone who takes part in disturbances.

Over the last six months, the police have made numerous arrests in that part of Jerusalem.

“The increase in enforcement last weekend is another part of the attempt to restore Israeli sovereignty to the neighborhoods of east Jerusalem, before the approaching deal of the century, which will likely lead to more disturbances and confrontations,” Channel 20 reports.