Columbia students declare love for Hamas, chant ‘burn Tel Aviv to the ground’

Columbia students chanted, ‘Burn Tel Aviv to the ground. Go Hamas, we love you. We support your rockets too.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Even amid congressional hearings on antisemitism at Columbia University, pro-Palestinian students on the New York Campus have gone beyond demanding a Gaza ceasefire and are increasingly chanting threats to Jews and calls for intifada.

Pro-Palestinian activist ThizzL posted on social media on Friday night videos of students chanting, “We say justice, you say how? Burn Tel Aviv to the ground. Go Hamas, we love you. We support your rockets too.”

Earlier in the week, ThizzL posted videos of protesters yelling, “Kill another soldier now.”

On Saturday night, a speaker was live-streamed by the Palestinian Solidarity Working Group praising the atrocities against Israelis on October 7th.

“Let it be known that it was the Al-Aqsa Flood that put the global intifada back on the table again,” they said.

The speaker added, “It is the sacrificial spirit of the Palestinian freedom fighters that will guide every struggle on every corner of the earth to victory.”

They also chanted, “Militancy breeds resistance.”

On the Jews of New York Instagram account posted Sunday, a woman with a keffiyeh is seen standing  in front of a group of Jewish students with Israeli flags and holding up a sign with an arrow pointing to them that says, “Al-Qassam’s next targets.”

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One of the anti-Israel hecklers yelled that Jewish students should “go back to Europe. You have no culture. All you do is colonize.”

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine secretary-general Ahmad Sa’adat called on Hamas to strike Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, students who supported Israel were told to “go back to Poland” as they tried in vain to stop the anti-Israel protestors from setting an Israeli flag on fire while another was doused with water.

Within Our Lifetime leader Nerdeen Kiswani managed to get past Columbia lockdown rules and led a crowd in the chant, “There is only one solution, intifada revolution.”

They also chanted “Zionism will fall, brick by brick, wall by wall, Israel will fall” and called “US imperialists, number one terrorists.”