Defense Minister Bennett: Iran recalculating in Syria, Hamas in for ‘painful spring’

Bennett says Syria is recalculating in Syria. He also said Hamas may be in for “a painful spring.”

By World Israel News Staff

“We see initial signs of softening and Iranian recalculation of its trajectory in Syria,” Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said at the New-Tech 2020 conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

The chairman of the right-wing Yemina party said, “Israel is moving from a defensive concept to an offensive one.”

Bennett spoke following the Monday publication of satellite images of the Damascus airport by ImageSat International showing damage resulting from an attack linked to Israel last week.

Intelligence reports say the strike hit targets connected to to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force.

Bennett said, “Syria isn’t only a threat it’s also an opportunity. They’re sending forces in order to try and base them there and exhaust us. But we can turn the drawback into an advantage. We have superior intelligence and operations and we say to Iran in a clear manner: Leave Syria, you have nothing to find there.”

Bennett also addressed the recent protests in Iran, mainly concerning economic conditions in the country. “There are protests in the streets of Iran,” he said. “The Persian people are saying to the ayatollahs: ‘Enough wasting our money and spilling our blood on adventures.'”

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On Tuesday morning, Bennett also spoke to Radio Jerusalem about the situation in the Gaza Strip.

He said if the terrorists “behave nicely it will be good for Gaza residents.” If not, “it will be bad for Gaza residents.”

“Three days of quiet don’t interest us. The test is long-term. I am very skeptical about all the promises,” he said, regarding the Hamas declaration that it would halt the launching of balloon bombs.

He spoke of a “a painful spring for Hamas,” referring to the possibility of a major IDF operation to punish the terrorists in their strongholds, leading to “sustainable quiet for southern residents.”