Israeli Minister warns Europe to uproot ‘network of hatred’ created by Hamas

“Hamas has proven that their goal is to kill Jews everywhere.”

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli (Likud) wrote letters to 20 European heads of state recently, warning them about operatives of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in major European cities.

“Weeks have passed since the barbarism that Hamas committed against infants, children, the elderly, and thousands of Israeli citizens. This is not the time for ambiguity. I want to clarify this unequivocally. Hamas has proven that their goal is to kill Jews everywhere,” Chikli wrote.

Chikli pointed out that attacks against Jews have risen 120% since October 7th and added that the two terror groups are not just a threat to Jews, but also to Christians.

“I want to remind you that in the past, Hamas members expressed the Islamic intention to conquer Europe,” he added.

The letter was sent to representatives of the European Union and Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and Germany.

Tzur Bar-Oz, Head of the Research and Foreign Relations Division at the Diaspora Affairs Ministry discussed the “complex network of hatred” created by Hamas in Europe with operatives ostensibly working for Palestinian charity organizations.

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“This phenomenon must be uprooted and eradicated as soon as possible,” said Bar-Oz. “This activity has already yielded results and produced consequences.”

The letter featured many examples of people who seemed to be merely Palestinian activists and aid workers, but who in reality were directly involved with Hamas and in terror activities.

Many created makeshift charities that claimed to be providing humanitarian aid for Palestinian civilians, however, it was later discovered that all of these funds were going to Hamas.

Proven examples of this phenomenon are Mohammed Ahmed Hanon, an Italian resident, and head of the “Charity Association for Palestinian Support” (ABSPP), Amin Abu Rashad, and Muhammad Suwala (Abu Obada), who lives in the United Kingdom as a Palestinian activist and who is connected to the military wing of Hamas.

Many of these operatives left clues, such as praising Hamas’s terror attacks on social media.