Divine Intervention? How captive soldier’s family turned to God days before her rescue

Israeli forces rescue soldier held by Hamas in special operation, as family invokes the help of God

By Mindy Rubenstein, World Israel News

When Israeli soldier Ori Megidish, who had been trapped inside Gaza for 23 days, was rescued by the IDF on Monday,  her return to safety set off celebrations across Israel, even among those who had never met her.

Since her return to Israel, footage released by Megidish’s friends and family has gone viral, showing mitzvot – or Jewish commandments – performed in the hopes of securing her safe return home.

In one such video circulating online, her Megidish’s mother can be seen with a group of women praying for her daughter’s return, while performing the mitzvah of “Hafrashat Challah,” in which a portion of bread dough is set aside, in keeping with the biblical commandment (Numbers 15:21) to give members of the priestly caste (Kohanim) a share of leavened goods.

In another video, filmed last week, Megidish’s family asked that a new Torah on the way to it’s new location at a synagogue, during a procession called Hachnasat Sefer Torah, make a stop at their home.

The family wanted to “bring the Torah into the bedroom of Ori and pray she comes home from the hands of Hamas,” according to posts on social media.

Megidish was captured by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, along with more than 240 other civilians and soldiers.

On Monday, the IDF conducted ground operations leading to her rescue. According to a statement released by the IDF, Ori was medically examined, is currently in good health, and has been reunited with her family.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Megidish family home to celebrate, while others could be seen in videos shared online dancing in the streets.

Israel’s Army Radio reported that dozens of family members and neighbors went to the house, celebrating and singing the popular patriotic song “Am Israel Chai” (“The nation of Israel lives”).