Dog breeds anti-Semitism? Facebook CEO attacked over photo of pet dressed in Jewish garb

Mark Zuckerberg “inundated with anti-Semitic abuse” after posting photo of family dog wearing kippah.

By The Algemeiner

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was subjected to a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse on the social media platform after posting a photo of his family dog Beast wearing a kippah and prayer shawl embroidered with Jewish stars.

Zuckerberg posted the snapshot of Beast — a Puli breed of Hungarian Sheepdog, according to the pet’s own Facebook page — among a series of eight photos employing other themes, including St. Patrick’s Day and a Disney film.

At writing, the picture of Beast in Jewish garb prompted over 3,000 comments, with many of those that drew the most engagement featuring explicitly anti-Semitic memes and other content. Other top responses portrayed the Palestinian flag and included calls to “Free Palestine.”

It also earned 4,400 “angry” reactions, along with some 6,000 positive reactions.

Another photo of Beast sporting a red, blue and white headband drew over 4,700 positive reactions and only seven “angry” ones.

“No one is safe from Jew-hatred. Not even Mark Zuckerberg’s dog,” commented the American Jewish Committee on Twitter. “Facebook’s CEO posted a cute picture of his pet wrapped in a [Jewish] scarf and with a kippa on his head. He has since been inundated with antisemitic abuse.”

“We must make sure social media platforms are free of hate,” the group said.