‘Don’t supply the enemy’ – Families of hostages, evacuees turn back dozens of aid trucks from Gaza border

‘We will continue to come here until our hostages return home.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

On Wednesday, families of hostages and other protestors caused a delay in the passage of trucks through the Kerem Shalom Crossing into Gaza for seven hours, demanding that no aid should be given to Gazan civilians until all of the remaining Israeli hostages are released, Ynet reports.

Hundreds of protestors, including relatives of Israelis still held captive in Gaza, evacuees from communities in the north and the south, families of fallen soldiers, reservist released from military duty and others blocked the passage of vehicles.

“No aid goes through until the last of the hostages returns, don’t supply the enemy,” said the protesters.

According to protestors, dozens of trucks were forced to turn around because of the demonstrations.

Tzufit Liebman, the sister-in-law of Elyakim Liebman who was kidnapped by Hamas at the Nova Music festival where he was working as a security guard on October 7th expressed dismay at the situation.

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“I came here to protest the terrible injustice that the hostages receive half a piece of bread a day at best. We don’t even know if our Elyakim is alive,” she said.

She continued, “We believe and hope that he is alive, but we have not received any signs of life from him and, on the other hand, the Hamas terrorists and the civilians who cover up the crime and do not give any information about the hostages receive convoys of trucks with food, equipment and medicine.”

“We will continue to come here until our hostages return home.”

Israel began allowing humanitarian aid to pass to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom Crossing starting on December 15th after permitting only the Rafah border to be used up to that point.

Members of Tsav 9, a group of protestors who planned the protest at the Kerem Shalom border to prevent the passage of trucks told i24 they managed to bypass police checkpoints on the way south.