Dutch Post investigating anti-Semitic sabotage of parcel delivery

Dutch Postal Service trying to find culprit who added slur to tracking information of package sent to Israel.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

Holland’s postal system is checking its security camera footage to try and find the culprit who added an anti-Semitic epithet to the tracking data for a package sent to Israel, the Dutch news website Joods.nl reported Sunday.

Last week the website reported that a worker at the post office or a contractor added the text “FUCKJEWS”  to the tracking information for a package sent by a mother in the Netherlands to her daughter in Israel.

Following the complaint, the postal company PostNL said they immediately took action and are checking with camera images to try and find the perpetrator.

PostNL said it is also checking to see if similar things have happened to any other packages and said they will try to adjust their  software so that adding insulting text can be prevented.

The company promised to give the family feedback on the investigation and the family said they were happy PostNL is taking the matter seriously, Joods.nl reported.

The woman’s daughter, identified as Eveline, lives in Israel in the city of Holon and the package was sent for her grandchildren using the track and trace feature offered by the post office.

When the package had not arrived after five weeks, the daughter checked online and found that her zip code had the offending text added to it.

It is not known if the added text was the cause of the delay as the package appeared on the PostNL website with the message “delivery time unknown.”

On Friday PostNL responded to the Joods.nl report they were “conducting an internal probe in connection with this complaint, because it requires careful investigation.”