Emiratis welcome Israelis to the UAE in Hebrew video

Young Emiratis speaking in Hebrew welcome Israelis to visit the UAE in a Hebrew language video, promoted by the UAE Foreign Ministry and Netanyahu.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Young Emiratis speaking in Hebrew welcomed Israelis to visit the UAE in a Hebrew language video published on Twitter Tuesday morning.

The clip was promoted by the UAE’s Foreign Ministry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The video begins with an image of the Emirati and Israeli flags and Arabic text reading, “A message of peace from the youth of the UAE.”

With the tune of “Hava Nagila” playing in the background, a young Emirati man clad in a traditional Emirati dress introduces himself in Hebrew.

“Shalom. My name is Khalifa Saeed Al-Makhmoud. I’m a young Emirati,” he says.

“We were born and educated in the UAE, under the rule of Sheikh Zayed, of blessed memory, who taught us tolerance and compassion.”

A female narrator takes over, adding, “Sheikh Zayed instilled in us and promoted the concepts of coexistence and tolerance.”

“The peace agreement between the UAE and State of Israel sparks hope for the entire region, and will strengthen our nations’ ties for our economies and security.”

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“The UAE believes in global humanity, and that all countries in the world have the right to live in peace and security,” says Al-Makmoud.

“Welcome to the United Arab Emirates, the country of Sheikh Zayed. The country of mercy, humanity, and generosity.”

“We’re waiting to see you,” says the female narrator.

After posting the clip, Netanyahu thanked the creators for making the video and included the hashtag Peace for Peace.

Prior to the formal peace agreement, scores of Israelis who hold dual citizenship covertly visited the Gulf nation by using foreign passports. Over 16 million tourists visit the UAE annually.

Discrete business ties between the UAE and Israel have existed for at least a decade.