‘Era of the Jews will soon end,’ Islamist leader tells UK students

Speaking to British Muslims, IRGC commanders call for listeners to “prepare for incoming” Islamic government, “raise the flag” of jihad.

By World Israel News Staff

The ISAB (Islamic Student Association of Britain) regularly allows incendiary, antisemitic speakers associated with terror organizations to give public statements in the heart of London on behalf of their organization, including claims that the Holocaust was “fake” and that the “era of the Jews” will soon “come to an end.”

The Jewish Chronicle revealed in a report that the ISAB has been ideologically taken over by agents acting on behalf of the Islamic regime in Iran who are leveraging the organization to deliver radical Islamist messages to British audiences.

According to the JC investigation, the ISAB has hosted at least eight senior members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is designated as a terrorist organization by numerous Western countries, for events in the UK.

In January 2021, Saeed Ghasemi, a prominent IRGC commander from a branch that tortures political dissidents, gave a speech on ISAB’s social media platforms that charged the ISIS terror group was created by “the Jews and the Zionists.”

Ghasemi also maintained that “the [Holocaust] that the Jews say happened is fake. The real Holocaust happened in my country in the First World War, 1917-19, when the UK occupied Iran.”

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Russia, Turkey, and Britain all maintained military presences during World War I in the country, but there was never a mass slaughter of Iranian civilians.

Hossein Yekta, Ghasemi’s colleague in the secret police unit, said in a different ISAB speech that Jews “created homosexuality, are destroying the environment, are destroying the family.”

Yekta added that the “era of the Jews will soon end.”

Beyond the statements from Ghasemi and Yekta, ISAB speakers have called for British-Muslim students to “raise the flag of the Islamic Revolution, Islam and martyrdom” and “prepare yourselves for governance of the awaiting Islamic civilization.”

In a statement to the JC, the former head of ISAB, Hussain Ataee Dolat Abadi, denied that the group was formally linked with Iran or the IRGC.

“Islamic Students Associations have never had any direct or indirect affiliation to the IRGC or any army, government or security group anywhere in the world and neither have I,” Abadi said.

Former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove told the JC that the report was “deeply troubling.” According to British counterterrorism laws, ISAB should not have given the IRGC members a platform to speak, he said.