Erdogan, tell us what you really think of Jews

Erdoğan, in his speeches since October 7, made clear he continues to support Hamas.

By Hugh Fitzgerald, Frontpage Magazine

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the Turkish President, and the rude-and-crude master of all he surveys from the 1,100 room “White Palace” that he had the government build for him in Istanbul, at a cost to the Turkish taxpayers of $615 million.

But when a man like Erdogan comes along only once a millennium, why should the national exchequer skimp?

In Istanbul, having announced to the world that he will not be running for office again (the hundreds of journalists he has imprisoned in Turkish jails must now be breathing proleptic sighs of relief), just to make sure we do not forget that he is still the Padishah and Grand Panjandrum of Turkey, he has now delivered himself of some unusually unpleasant remarks, even for him, about Israel and Jews, and Hamas.

More on his spittle-flecked denunciation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Jewish state can be found here: “Erdogan: ‘Netanyahu earned his place alongside Hitler and Stalin,’” by Anna Barsky, Jerusalem Post, March 9, 2024:

In another bout of fiery remarks, Turkish President Erdogan, who has refused to condemn Hamas’s October 7 attacks, compares Netanyahu to fascist leaders and Israel akin to a war criminal state.

Five months have gone by since 3,000 Hamas combatants came crashing across the border from Gaza into Israel, where they proceeded to behead babies, burn children alive, gang-rape, torture, mutilate, and murder young girls, slice the breasts off women and use them to play catch, cut off the genitalia of men and gouge out their eyes, murder children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children.

All of this became quickly well known, though some particularly gruesome details were made public only weeks later. But since that attack on October 7, Erdogan has never uttered a syllable of disapproval or reproof.

Instead, he continues to offer members of Hamas Turkish citizenship, passports, and refuge. In his eyes, Hamas has done nothing wrong. Their victims were only Jews, so why should he, or any righteous Muslim, care?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered another antisemitic speech, during which he compared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to fascist leaders on Saturday.

In the speech, Erdogan compared Netanyahu to historical fascist leaders, stating that “Netanyahu earned his place alongside Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.”

The Turkish President also refused to condemn Hamas’s actions on October 7 and even stood by the terrorist group in his rhetoric. Erdogan accused Israel of acting as “the Nazis of our time while committing humanitarian crimes in Gaza.” He refused to call Hamas a terrorist organization: “We cannot be coerced into designating Hamas as a terrorist organization. We communicate with them openly and stand behind them.”

How is Netanyahu like “Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin”? Has he been setting up slave labor or extermination camps? Have the Israelis rounded up Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and shut them up to suffocate to death in locked cattle cars, or sent them to “showers” to breathe in, with what will be their last breath, Zyklon-B?

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Does the IDF send the Einsatzgruppen “killing vans” to murder Arabs on the spot, without the need to take them to camps to be killed?

Where are those open pits where each Arab man, woman, and child can be swiftly despatched with a bullet to the back of the head, so that one by one they can topple into those pits, falling amidst the just-murdered, and then they are themselves covered over by the next to be killed?

Are there Israeli Dr. Mengeles, performing their ghastly medical experiments on Arab children?

No. No. No, No. No. None of the above.

Do the Israeli leaders have their own legions of Fascist Blackshirts, ready to beat to death their own countrymen, who oppose them, the way Mussolini had Giacomo Matteotti murdered, or ordered that the Rosselli brothers, the founders of Giustizia e Libertà, be assassinated in southern France?

Do the Israelis have labor camps, where the inmates are worked to death, like those set up by Stalin?

Where is the Israeli equivalent of the KGB, that after show trials or brief interrogations under torture would execute its victims in the basement of the Lubyanka prison?

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But let’s not confuse Erdogan with facts.

In response, Netanyahu said, “Israel observes the laws of war and will not be subject to moral preaching from Erdogan, who supports murderers and rapists of the Hamas terrorist organization, denies the Armenian genocide, massacres Kurds in his own country, and cracks down on regime opponents and journalists.”…

Isn’t Netanyahu correct? Hasn’t Erdogan, in his speeches since October 7, made clear he continues to support Hamas, despite the well-documented rapes and murders its operatives committed at the Nova musical festival and inside Israeli kibbutzim?

And isn’t it true that he continues, despite all the evidence, to deny that there ever was an Armenian genocide? And hasn’t he been massacring Kurds both in Syria and in Turkey itself for almost two decades?