‘Escalating terror risk’ – Israelis told to leave Turkey immediately

“It’s not advisable to openly identify as an Israeli abroad right now,” the official stressed.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s National Security Council, which issues travel warnings for foreign countries, ordered Israeli tourists who are currently in Turkey to leave the country immediately.

Public sentiment against Israel in Arab and Islamic countries has soured against the backdrop of the ongoing Swords of Iron War.

A large explosion in a Gaza Strip hospital, which was likely caused by a misfired rocket launched by a terror group but has been blamed on an Israeli airstrike, has sparked mass demonstrations throughout the region.

On Wednesday, Turkey’s warning level for Israeli tourists was raised to level 4 – the highest possible designation – and Israeli authorities urged citizens in the country to return to Israel as quickly as possible.

The NSC also raised the warning level to 2 regarding travel in Morocco.

“According to our assessments, there are hundreds of Israelis in Turkey. The threat is very specific, which is why we raised it to level 4 and urged those who are there to leave, and to take extreme precautions while they remain there,” a senior intelligence official told Hebrew-language outlet Ynet.

“We have already seen the accuracy and authenticity of threats in Turkey last year. If Israelis heed the instructions, we can manage this situation.”

The official stated that Israelis who are currently abroad should maintain a low profile and not flaunt their country of origin.

“It’s not advisable to openly identify as an Israeli abroad right now,” the official stressed.

“Even in places without travel warnings, there should be heightened caution these days, especially in the Middle East.”

In a press statement posted to the body’s website, the NSC emphasized its “recommendation for the public to reconsider planned trips abroad at this time.”

The NSC also “advises avoiding non-essential travel to countries that have a travel warning, with an emphasis on Arab countries and those bordering Iran (specifically…Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan).”