Evangelical leader calls on Black Lives Matter to renounce anti-Semitism

Laurie Cardoza-Moore urges condemnation of BLM’s anti-Semitism, anti-Israel agenda and attacks on houses of worship.

By World Israel News Staff

A leading Evangelical Christian leader has spoken out publicly against the Black Lives Matter movement’s anti-Semitic manifesto and silence after synagogues and churches were attacked and defaced during their protests last week.

“All true American patriots wept bitter tears at the brutal and needless death of George Floyd. Jews, Christians and people of conscience understand the inherent problems within our society that need to be addressed and healed. Racism of any kind does not belong in America and must be relegated to the annals of history,” Laurie Cardoza-Moore said.

“On the same token it would be hypocritical of Christian leaders to support the Black Lives Matter movement while ignoring their past calls to boycott the one and only Jewish State, outrageous claims that Israel has perpetrated a genocide and their total denial of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination… These positions are anti-Semitic to their core and cannot go unmentioned.”

Furthermore, “destroying holy books or defacing houses of worship will not move forward the cause of Black America. These are hate crimes that must be called-out by the leaders of the movement if they want to retain any gravitas as anti-racists.”

Cardoza-Moore noted that the late Reverend Martin Luther King was a Christian minister who stood alongside rabbis in his peaceful marches for justice.

“There is a vacuum of spiritual leadership in this movement, and it’s time for Jewish and Christian leaders to unite publicly to call upon the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement to fully renounce all hate from their platform and condemn hate crimes perpetrated in their name immediately so that the process of healing and restoration can begin,” she stated.