Ex-CIA director sympathetic to Hamas: ‘Movement has teachers, hospital workers and professionals’

Brennan also said Hezbollah has ‘evolved,’ with the terror group now having members in parliament.

By Daniel Greenfield

As the Biden administration prepares to give Hamas a pass, here’s a little insight into the thinking in D.C. wonk circles courtesy of former CIA Director John Brennan.

At Tablet Magazine, Justine El-Khazen was talking to her mother’s ex-CIA colleagues about their views on Israel and Islamic terrorism.

“When I pressed him, Brennan pointed out that Hamas is a movement that encompasses a “range of attitudes, and includes teachers, hospital workers and other professionals.””

As David Gertsman of Soccer Dad pointed out, the late Barry Rubin had reported Brennan speaking similarly about Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah started out as purely a terrorist organization back in the early 1980s and has evolved significantly over time. And now it has members of parliament, in the cabinet; there are lawyers, doctors, others who are part of the Hezbollah organization.”

But the article goes beyond Brennan to document an attitude at the CIA that is unsurprising if you remember that it’s mostly not a spook agency, but consists of the same types of people who work at the State Department, but who occasionally have the authority to carry out drone strikes.

When I asked Brennan why he thinks my mother begged me not to raise my kids Jewish, he shifted the conversation northward: There’s been a global uptick in right-wing extremism and white supremacy, he said. Orban, Putin, Modi. Anti-democratic forces are on the rise, making Jews a target.

Every intelligence officer I spoke with performed this sleight of hand. Yes, antisemitism exists, and is serious—but only as a right-wing problem, and as a Western phenomenon. The Hamas-loving kids on American college campuses? Overblown, irrelevant. The Palestinian children being given military training by terrorists? Not the issue…

It was almost as if these veteran analysts, whose careers were devoted to impartiality and, above all, neutrality, were reading from a crib sheet supplied by the DNC.

That’s been undeniable for a while. The trouble is that the DNC crib sheet increasingly overlaps with excuses for the mass murder of Americans and Jews by the Islamists who increasingly are making their long march through the DNC.