Ex-Trump advisor says Jews are to blame for being deported to concentration camps

Flynn implied that the Jewish victims should have realized something was wrong after being told by the Nazis that “we’re going to stuff you like a sardine into a train.”

By World Israel News Staff

A retired U.S. Army lieutenant general who served as national security adviser to former president Donald Trump implied that Jews willingly boarded trains to Auschwitz and other concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Speaking at a conference of Christian leaders in Michigan, Michael Flynn said that after visiting the death camp, he was baffled by what he perceived as the Jews’ willingness to be transported to the sites where they would be murdered.

He said that he could not understand “any mother who would be told, ‘Give me your child, give me your baby, we’re going to separate you, we’re not just going to put you into a club coach car.’”

He implied that the Jews should have known something was wrong after being told by the Nazis that “we’re going to stuff you like a sardine into a train.’”

“There weren’t any guards,” Flynn falsely asserted, while stressing there were “thousands of Jews,” implying that the Jewish victims could have resisted the deportations due to their numbers.

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Though Flynn acknowledged that at first Jews believed they were being taken to safety out of war zones, he said that many of the Jews who were later deported knew they were being sent to camps where “sick things” were happening.

“The assertion that Jews could have easily resisted during deportations to extermination simply due to their numerical strength compared to the guards oversimplifies the dire circumstances they faced,” the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial responded on Twitter.

In October 2021, during a campaign event for a Republican Senate candidate in New Hampshire, Flynn expressed similar thoughts about alleged Jewish complicity in Holocaust-era deportations.

“Jesus, how could somebody stand there and just allow these people to do that to them?” Flynn said, referencing Jews being forced onto trains. “And then knowing what they knew, how could they get on that train? I would have rather attacked that machine gun nest.”

Flynn served in the Trump administration for only 22 days. He resigned in 2017 due to a scandal regarding undisclosed communications with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.