Facebook deletes Farrakhan ‘Termite’ post; Twitter has not

Last week, Facebook removed a Louis Farrakhan post in which he compared Jews to termites. Twitter has not.  

By David Isaac, World Israel News

Facebook removed a video of Louis Farrakhan compared Jews to termites, a violation of the social-media giant’s hate speech rules, website The Wrap reported.

But Twitter still hasn’t removed the offending post.

The video, in which the Nation of Islam leader denied he was anti-Semite, but instead “anti-Termite,” was taken down by Facebook sometime after Wednesday afternoon last week.

A Facebook representative told The Wrap that the video was deleted because Farrakhan “refers to Jews as termites, which amounts to Tier 1 hate speech,” violating company policies.

According to Facebook’s community standards, a Tier 1 violation includes, “Dehumanizing speech such as reference or comparison to: Insects [and] animals that are culturally perceived as intellectually or physically inferior.”

In the two-minute video, Farrakhan says: “So when they talk about Farrakhan, call me a hater, call me anti-Semite. Stop it. I’m anti-Termite. I don’t know nothing about hating somebody because of their religious preference.”

Will Twitter act?

On Wednesday, at the time Facebook deleted the hateful post, Twitter announced it would not do so.

A Twitter representative explained that a new policy against “dehumanizing” language, such as comparing “groups to animals and viruses” had not yet gone into effect.

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Twitter is aware of Farrakhan’s racist tweets. In June, it removed the Nation of Islam leader’s blue-check verification not long after Farrakhan tweeted against “the Satanic Jew.”

A blue-check on Twitter tells people an account of public interest is authentic. Although the blue badge doesn’t imply an endorsement by Twitter it can be confused as such.